Mayfield Community Adult Learning Project (CALP):

Mayfield CALP was established under the auspices of Mayfield CDP Ltd in 1990.

C.A.L.P. has 3 main aims:

  1. To encourage and assist local adults to take up opportunities for further lifelong learning.
  2. To enable local people to become actively involved in their own learning and self-development, this will impact positively on family and community life.
  3. To provide a long term strategy for adult learning needs in the Mayfield community.

Courses on offer:

course list

There is also an opportunity to run other short courses if the need is identified.

Key elements of courses:

  • Small group numbers
  • Courses run from September to December and January to June each year.
  • Courses are dependent on numbers and funding allocated.
  • Courses are funded by the Cork Education & Training Board (Cork ETB) and some accredited courses are funded by the Cork City Partnership Ltd (CCP).

Mayfield Calp is  member of the Mayfield Learning Neighborhood. 

This project is funded by the Cork Education & Training Board from the Department of Education & Science and is part of the Mayfield Integrated Community Development Project Ltd.